The Company

Hey there!

I’m Rachel, the founder of The Spotted Flamingo Creative Co, a relentless fun-seeker, and a designer with a never-ending creative thirst and a mission to continuously bring unique creations into the world.

The idea behind The Spotted Flamingo first began to brew when I started planning my wedding in late 2016. I’ve always been drawn to art and design that stands out and has an edgy and eccentric style that sets it apart. Vibrant colors, fun patterns, and layouts that steer away from organization are my bread and butter. As I was researching and looking for products and style inspiration for my own wedding stationery and décor, I was finding that what I wanted for my wedding and what was out there didn’t quite match up.

In the midst of wedding planning, I began daydreaming about wedding stationery and décor that wasn’t just elegant and pretty, but that really stood out and made an impression in an unexpected way. This sprouted the seed of an idea: a business devoted to creating wedding and event stationery, décor, and gifts for those who seek products that match their funky and unique tastes. After months of planning and designing, my dream finally became a reality and I opened my cyber doors for business.

My mission is to help others to make their weddings, events, and lives more joyful and authentic by creating products that are thoughtfully designed for the unconventional crowd, the ones who appreciate the unexpected charm and beauty in bold and offbeat creations and aren’t afraid to be different. I love the work that I do, and my hope is that you’ll find something here that brings you joy and inspires you to explore your own creativity. Thanks for stopping in!


All the best,


Rachel Klein